New Hemp Genetics

New Hemp Genetics

We are just starting to understand the power of hemp. While the most commonly known cannabinoids on the market are THC and CBD, and most recently CBG, the cannabis plant has over 140 other cannabinoids that we’re just starting to learn about. Stay tuned for our latest releases in new high-phyto-cannabinoid-producing hemp plants.

Our Research & Development program combines cutting-edge technology with traditional selective breeding techniques. FRB strives to pioneer new varieties with traits that provide growers with the opportunity to maximize returns, reduce risks, and achieve their production goals.

We have several new hemp genetics coming out of our field trials.

We will also have CBC and Varins (CBDv, CBGv, CBCv) coming soon.

For information on our hemp clones or feminized seed varieties, visit our Hemp Clones page or Feminized Hemp Seeds page.

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