Front Range Biosciences Hemp

We’re out to show the world what hemp can do.

The Future

Growing better hemp

Although the world is just starting to understand the power of hemp, the one thing we know for sure is that it’s the future. So we’re here to help grow it better. By combining the art of farming with hard-working science, we provide game-changing hemp clones and feminized seeds to farmers and growers.

Breeding Program

Our in-house breeding program applies cutting edge technology to traditional selective breeding techniques. FRB’s breeding program advances plant genetics and pioneers new varieties with traits that allow growers to achieve maximum yields.

Front Range Seed™ Feminized Hemp Seeds
  • Quality sorted, validated, field and lab-tested
  • Full spectrum, cannabinoid-rich varieties pre-sorted for the highest quality
  • New varieties produced through strategic partnerships and world-class breeding program
  • Indoor and greenhouse harvested, graded for the highest quality with strong germination rates
  • Tested for germination rates, male/female ratios, population variance, and cannabinoid yields
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CBG Hemp
  • Front Range Biosciences® has the latest world class CBG genetics available on the market
  • Feminized seeds that are totally THC compliant with high percentages of CBG
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New Hemp Genetics

New FRB Hemp Genetics:

The power of hemp is vast – ecologically, medically and across many industries. While the most commonly known cannabinoids on the market are THC and CBD, and most recently CBG, the cannabis plant has over 140 other cannabinoids that the FRB R&D program is researching and bringing to market.

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