Let’s help the world grow better.

We’re growing more than the world’s next crop.
We’re growing a better future.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help the world grow better.

We’re not just a bioscience company. We’re growers. We grow ideas that generate high-quality plants. We partner with farmers, combining progressive R&D with modern ag to grow crops with successful yields. We grow communities, opportunities for the industry and more sustainable farming practices. And we believe all this together will grow a better world.

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Hemp Clones & Seeds

Leading the way in field tested, reliable, quality sorted feminized seeds and clean hemp plants.

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Setting the standard for Clean Stock® propagation of premium coffee varieties.

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Nursery Services

Trusted experts in breeding, propagation and production of high-value crops.

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Our Vision

We are part of an agricultural revolution.

We think Cannabis, also known as hemp, is potentially the world’s most versatile crop in the history of agriculture. It is a genus of flowering plants that include the species sativa, indica, and ruderalis. Scientifically this includes all forms of cannabis: low-THC cannabis known as hemp, regulated cannabis with a high-THC content, or any cannabis with variations of major and minor cannabinoids. From a scientific perspective, they are all the same plant producing different ingredients that can be harvested for a wide variety of industries and uses depending on local and national regulations.


In addition to the phytocannabinoids, Cannabis is full of other compounds that are known as superfoods or relevant to human wellness.


Hemp seed is an incredible plant-based protein source, providing more good omega fatty acids and the same amino acids as beef or lamb.


Phytocannabinoids interact with the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  The ECS helps keep many, if not all, human biological systems in balance, which in turn helps control disease.


Cannabis biomass can be converted into materials used in: Energy, Technology, Construction, Textiles, Plastics, and Paper.

There’s a lot of good growth on these plants — they’re ready to go. They just look like they’re ready to jump in the soil and do their thing.

Michael Bankston
Coastal Alabama Organix

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