Clean Crops From The Start

Front Range Biosciences® provides cannabis, hemp and coffee producers with pesticide-free, virus-free, true-to-type plants by using the best practices in agricultural technology. Our Clean Stock® nursery program makes it easier for growers to maximize their revenue potential, lower risk and build a strong foundation from the start.

Clean Stock® Nursery
delivered clones
Multi-level certification program that uses tissue culture to clone virus-free, pesticide-free, true-to-type plants including cannabis, hemp, and other high-value crops. Lab and nursery services now available in Colorado for hemp and California for cannabis.
Genomics & Breeding
new varietals, high value traits
An advanced genomics-driven breeding platform for the creation of new varietals with traits that growers care about most.
Now Taking Clean Stock Nursery Orders

We are currently accepting production orders for Colorado hemp and California cannabis.
Learn more about our disease-free, pesticide-free plants below.

The Team

Meet the people behind Front Range Biosciences

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Front Range Biosciences brings the best of modern agriculture to high value crops to improve reliability, efficiency, and safety for cultivators and consumers. Scientific tools such as tissue culture and marker assisted breeding have revolutionized agriculture.

We are a triple bottom line company that values people and the planet. We believe in quality control, integrity, and innovation. We value stewardship of our lands, crops, and natural resources.

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