Field Trials

FRB Field Trials

FRB Field Trials bring value to farmers.

Front Range Biosciences® leads the hemp industry with one of the most comprehensive outdoor variety trial programs in the United States. In 2020 our trials represented seven regions across the country and over 12 micro-environments. We partnered with seven growers, four universities and one agricultural institute. This enabled us to evaluate and optimize our hemp variety offerings for a wide range of growing conditions.

Regional Performance

We test varieties nationwide.

Through our variety trials, we qualify our genetics across multiple regions and obtain data to support the research. At the end of the season, we select for broadly adapted varieties that thrive in multiple growing conditions and a wide range of micro-environments across the country.

Valued Data

How trials are conducted.

Agronomists from our team collect data on all FRB varieties and partner with our growers and universities to monitor the fields from initial planting all the way through to harvest. Feedback from our partners is one of our most valued data sets and one of the most important evaluation tools.

Our Data Supports
  • Optimizing varieties for national vs. regional production
  • Evaluating varieties for indoor vs. outdoor production
  • Evaluating vigor, pest and disease resistance and environmental stress response
  • Locating novel phenotypes and chemotypes
  • General plant structure and characteristics of final flower
  • Photoperiod requirements
  • Yield
  • Extraction recovery
Field Monitoring

Why field monitoring is important.

There are many factors that contribute to a successful harvest. Providing a wide range of data points enables farmers to make amendments throughout the season and educated decisions for a successful hemp harvest. Learn more in our blog on Why Hemp Field Trials?