Plant Services

Growing even more than crops.

Investing in growth

A growing company

Growing a better world starts with growing as a company. In just over three years of operation, Front Range Biosciences has built over 160,000 square feet of facilities, acquired a world-class genomics team and shipped millions of plants to farmers and growers across the country. This growth has allowed us to advance our technology licensing and services to provide growers with excellent support backed by modern technology.

Nursery Services

Technology Licensing


Nursery expertise

By leveraging our expertise in nursery services and technology licensing, our team is able to help growers and companies in regulated markets. Managing a nursery can often deplete your operation’s valuable time and resources. So if your team is looking to improve crop performance with better genetics and higher quality clones and seeds, we can provide you with the nursery, production and breeding technology necessary to generate rigorous plants with higher yields and more selective expression.