2020 Field Trials Outcome

Results of the 2020 FRB Field Trials

We had several variety winners this year!

  • A number of top winners were broadly adapted to more than 8 unique environments across the US
  • Many of our new genetics were highly tolerant of late season budrot in western Oregon
  • One trial partner reported that our field trial varieties were better than the competition
  • Pinnacle Pine clone
  • One of the most grower preferred for terpenes and a lasting smell after harvest
  • Valerie 16 clone
  • Expressed vigor across multiple diverse regions and environments
  • Very resistant to 2020 late season budrot in Oregon
  • Expressed late season cold tolerance
  • Trifecta seed
  • Enticing terpene complex
  • Steady, consistent flower progression
  • Handled environmental stress very well
  • Highly vigorous and uniform, finishes well
  • Southern Spice clone
  • One of top performers – performed well across state regions and environments
  • A late maturity variety similar to Abigail – good for central through southern US and coastal northern environments
  • Abigail clone
  • 2nd year of testing, confirmed as excellent, super late maturity variety for southern US
  • Accumulates a large amount of biomass to satisfy high yield extraction at harvest
  • Performed well in environments with high humidity and heat
  • Survived two hurricanes in Alabama and Virginia and still thrived at harvest

Farm Videos:

Eastern Region

Western Region