CBG Hemp

CBG Hemp

What makes CBG, cannabigerol, unique is that it is the precursor to other cannabinoids like CBD and THC. If hemp breeders genetically maximize CBG production, the plant’s molecular pathways go no further and CBD and THC production is greatly reduced or eliminated all together. This means that specifically bred CBG varieties are Total THC Compliant and can be grown to full flower maturity.

Front Range Biosciences has the latest world class CBG genetics available on the market. Vigorous clones and feminized seeds that are totally THC compliant with high percentages of CBG.

CBG Hemp Varieties:

Premium Series

Premium Series, available in limited supply, represents the best new low-THC cannabis products available from around the globe. Whether created from our state-of-the-art data-driven breeding techniques, or scouted in the fields as our team searches for new traits to use for future crosses, FRB provides the most advanced cannabis products on the market.

Premium Series

Pure CBG

Swiss-born, highly productive and rapid growing. Low in THC, Pure CBG is an excellent choice for smokable flower. Finishes with dense flowers that deliver mellow, earthy hoppy flavors - pair with your favorite craft beer!

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New FRB Hemp Genetics:

Our Research & Development program combines innovative technology with traditional selective breeding techniques. FRB strives to pioneer new varieties with traits that provide growers with the opportunity to maximize returns, reduce risks, and achieve their production goals. Learn more about New FRB Hemp Genetics.

NOTE: Performance varies based on growing conditions, soil profile, irrigation method, and climate. Additional varietal descriptions and testing data are available upon request.

For more information on our hemp clones or feminized hemp seed varieties, visit our Hemp Clones page or Feminized Hemp Seeds page.

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