New FRB Hemp Varieties

Front Range Superfit™ Valerie 16

Yields buds full of fragrant spices, making her an excellent choice for smokable flower.

  • Early-season maturity, flower initiation at 14 hrs daylength
  • 13-16% CBD, Potential for CBC up to 3-4%, with best management practices
  • 24-28:1 Ratio CBD:THC
  • Blend of musk, clove, herbal, citrus, wood, spice and everything nice
    • Myrcene, Caryophyllene
  • Front Range Superfit™ Valerie is available as clones, seeds, seedlings, and smokable flower

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New FRB Hemp Genetics:

Our Research & Development program combines innovative technology with traditional selective breeding techniques. FRB strives to pioneer new varieties with traits that provide growers with the opportunity to maximize returns, reduce risks, and achieve their production goals. Learn more about New FRB Hemp Genetics.

NOTE: Performance varies based on growing conditions, soil profile, irrigation method, and climate. Additional varietal descriptions and testing data are available upon request.

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