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Why Minor Cannabinoids are Showing Major Market Potential in the Booming Wellness Industry.

May 19, 2021

Hemp and marijuana executives say the booming wellness market is a natural fit for cannabis-based medicine, and minor cannabinoids might play an even larger role in consumers’ health pursuits. That’s because of the effects that are possible through broad- or full-spectrum extracts as well as the unique benefits of each isolated molecule.

Like CBD, many minor cannabinoids are nonintoxicating and can be used in topicals, edibles, beverages and even smokable flower purported to:

  • Relieve ailments from immune disorders (CBG) to seizures (CBD-V).
  • Promote better sleep (CBN).
  • Relieve pain and inflammation (CBC).

THC-V, a minor cannabinoid more common in marijuana, also is reported to be less intoxicating while offering an uplifting high and characteristics such as appetite suppression and stimulant qualities.

Read the full article here.


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