Testimonial: Root Structure is Crucial for Planting Hemp Plugs

August 7, 2019

Struggling with plants that have circling or brittle root systems? Our cannabinoid-rich hemp plugs are great for streamlining your planting operation due to their healthy root structure, which is an essential ingredient for producing a successful crop. In the video below, Solari Hemp shares why planting with FRB plugs is crucial for a smooth planting process.

"Really, having that perfectly shaped root system and the fact that you can just pull it out from the stem and put it in that planter, that makes my life a lot easier."

– Jake Salazar, Co-Founder/Chief Development Officer of Solari Hemp

"It's imperative that your plugs are [well-rooted and hold the dirt together]. So, that's a beautiful plug. Congratulations to [Front Range Biosciences and] Solari—that’s impressive. You need good [Ellepot] plugs for our machine to work. Last year, I went to Alamosa, had a guy [with] a million plants. … I went over there, pulled the plant out, dirt all in the cup, and held the stem in my hand."

Checchi & Magli, tractor manufacturer, demonstrating the quality of FRB’s Ellepot rooted cuttings

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