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Rylie’s Sunshine Partners with Front Range Biosciences for Hemp Field Trial Program

July 10, 2020

In an article by Cannabis Business Times, they discuss the recent partnership between Rylie's Sunshine and Front Range Biosciences' hemp field trial program. Rylie’s Sunshine is a Delaware-based CBD tincture company operated by 14-year-old activist Rylie Maedler and her mother, Janie.

Through this partnership, FRB has provided Rylie's Sunshine with cannabinoid-rich hemp varieties to grow on their farm in Birdsnest, Va. Read an excerpt from the article to learn more:

"At the highest level, it’s really a way for us to support what we think is a really exciting and worthwhile cause for the industry," Front Range Biosciences CEO Dr. Jonathan Vaught told Cannabis Business Times. "It's about advancing the science and developing a better understanding of … cannabinoids and how they can hopefully have a positive impact on … people who are struggling with some really challenging health issues."

"Front Range will [teach] us … how to best grow these plants in our region and on our farm, so our medicine can reach its full potential," Rylie said. "With this, we will learn how well CBG and CBD hemp plants can grow in that region and how well they can adapt. … It will also improve our understanding of how different cannabinoids and terpenes are affected by the Mid-Atlantic region and it will inform us for the growing season so we can provide the best oil possible."

Read the full article here.

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