Producing Superior Cannabis Genetics

June 19, 2020

The prohibition of cannabis for the last 80 years has caused a delay in the development of stable cannabis genetics. Front Range Biosciences sees this challenge as an opportunity to develop reliable solutions for growers. Meagan Coneybeer, Technical Agronomist at FRB, presents at NoCo's Experience Hemp Summer Solstice Virtual Conference on the latest breakthroughs in hemp genetics and their impact on sustainable farming practices. Watch the full video to learn more and view key points from the video below.

Key points regarding cannabis genetics:

1. FRB is developing a world-class genomic breeding program to provide growers with regionally-optimized and stable hemp varieties with high-performance capabilities.

2. Breakthroughs in hemp genetics are bringing forth a new era of sustainable and efficient farming practices that will redefine standards for agriculture.

3. Plant breeding objectives include: increased production, improved quality, resistance to pests and diseases, varieties suited to soils and climates, and novel or exotic varieties, such as minor cannabinoids or varieties with low-THC and CBD-optimization.

4. Selecting advantageous traits involves analyzing: yield, quality, ease of production, tolerance to environmental stresses, resistance to pests, chemotype, phenotype, and consistency.

5. Marker-assisted breeding targets genetic markers and selects for specific cannabinoids, allowing FRB to deliver new products to market faster to support growers.

6. FRB validates new varieties through informed product development by conducting field trials with diverse climates, soils, and farming methods.

7. Challenges in developing new varieties involve: the need for reliable standards, seed certification, stable traits, clean germplasm, regional performance, and efficient methods for scaling production.

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