Growing Hemp: Best Practices for Success – Episode 7: Harvesting Your Crop

April 24, 2020

In “Episode 7” of our video series with Aligned Distributing LLC, we discuss harvesting your crop. The episode explains: harvest dates, cannabinoid testing, federal regulations, plant stress, harvest indicators, and harvesting methods. Watch the full video to learn more about our recommendations and view key points from the video below.

Key points regarding harvesting your crop:

1. Base your harvest dates on a certificate of analysis (CoA) from a lab by collecting flower samples after week three or four to send for an accurate cannabinoid analysis.

2. Test diligently to comply with federal regulations’ THC content threshold, which includes a combination of both THC and THCa.

3. Growers should harvest before the crop’s overall THC content is greater than 0.3% (or runs hot).

4. As plant stress may cause THC levels to spike, ensure you are incorporating proper cultivation practices to comply with regulations.

5. If your plants are displaying brown pistils or amber trichomes, your crop will soon be ready to harvest. 

6. Harvesting by hand and cutting the plant at the stalk, hanging to dry, and post-harvest handling are essential for producing high-quality, cured flower.

7. While, harvesting with a combine is effective for producing biomass for CBD isolate, as terpene preservation isn’t critical for the final product.

Watch the full video for more information regarding harvesting and view the rest of our video series to learn more about hemp production!

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