Growing Hemp: Best Practices for Success – Episode 5: Irrigation & Nutrition

April 21, 2020

In “Episode 5” of our video series with Aligned Distributing LLC, we discuss irrigation and nutrition. The episode explains: irrigation methods, watering schedules, fertigation, organic soil solutions, and soil conditions. Watch the full video to learn more about our recommendations and view key points from the video below.

Key points regarding irrigation and nutrition: 

1. What are the various types of irrigation to consider for hemp production?

These include: center pivot irrigation, drip irrigation, dropdown irrigation, or subsurface irrigation system. By identifying your soil type, you’ll be able to determine which method will be most effective.

2. How do I know how much water to apply and when?

After watering deeply, allow the plants to dry down between waterings where you can observe a slight wilt in the plant, indicating that their roots systems are searching for water. Young plants may go several days without water, while mature plants require waterings every two or three days.

3. What is fertigation and what factors should I consider when developing a fertigation plan?

Fertigation is the practice of feeding plants through an irrigation system. Soil test results and crop cycle stages play a role in developing each phase of your fertigation plan.

4. What are the cost-effective irrigation techniques and nutrients available to farmers?

Hemp plants are highly responsive to organic soil techniques – we’ve seen growers succeed with incorporating crop rotations with legumes for nitrogen-fixation, various manures, water-soluble organics, and soil microbes. A healthy soil is a key factor in yielding more vigorous crops.

5. What are FRB’s primary field observations on nutrition?

During ideal conditions, growers should develop the organic matter content in the soil to be 2–3% in order to produce a healthy, living soil without the need for additional fertilizers. Utilize a tissue or sap analysis several times during your crop cycle to let you know if the plant needs more of a specific nutrient.

Watch the full video for more information regarding irrigation and nutrition and stay tuned for “Episode 6: In-Season Preventative Practices”!

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