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Front Range Biosciences Reacts to Signing of Hemp Bills and FDA Public Hearing on Cannabis

May 30, 2019

Jake Salazar, Co-Founder/Chief Development Officer of Solari Hemp (left), Governor Polis (middle), Dr. Jonathan Vaught, CEO/Co-Founder of FRB (right).

An exciting week for the hemp industry!

Governor Jared Polis visited Front Range Biosciences’ Denver Greenhouse to sign two monumental bills regarding hemp regulations in Colorado. These two bills are the SB19-220 Hemp Regulation Alignment With 2018 Federal Farm Bill and the SB19-240 Industrial Hemp Products Regulation.

The signing of these bills establishes standards for commercial hemp products and will align CO’s hemp regulations with the federal regulations outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill. This positioning ensures compliancy with upcoming federal regulations and allows CO’s program to successfully scale its growth trajectory. The legislation will also optimize the industry as a whole and pave the way for other states interested in developing hemp regulations in their own state. In addition, it will also improve the education and interest for this emerging industry and generate jobs for the workforce, supplying opportunities for our community.

FDA Public Hearing on Cannabis

On Friday, May 31, we will be in Washington D.C. where our CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Jonathan Vaught, will be speaking at the FDA’s public hearing in support of the industries who will thrive with the commercialization of cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds. To learn more about Dr. Vaught’s testimony to the FDA, watch the video of his recording here.

For more information on the FDA public hearing on Friday, follow this link.


The Two Signed Hemp Bills

SB19-220 Hemp Regulation Alignment With 2018 Federal Farm Bill

  • This bill updates the laws governing Colorado’s industrial hemp regulatory program to align with the new federal regulations of the “Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018”, which removed hemp from Schedule I of the federal “Controlled Substances Act”. The new federal act requires the USDA to develop a plan for the regulation of hemp and authorizes each state to seek approval from the USDA to have regulatory authority over hemp production.

SB19-240 Industrial Hemp Products Regulation

  • A wholesale food manufacturer of hemp products must pay an annual registration fee of $300 to the Department of Public Health & Environment.
  • Authorizes local governments to adopt ordinances regulating the storage, extraction, processing, or manufacturing of industrial hemp or industrial hemp products; however, if the ordinances are in conflict with state regulation, then state law controls.

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