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Front Range Biosciences Raises $8.5M in Insider Round

September 25, 2019

Great news! Front Range Biosciences raised $8.5M in an Insider Round, which enables us to continue to define the industry and maintain our lead as a technology provider for the breeding and production of new plant varieties and seeds in the hemp, coffee and regulated cannabis industries. The Insider Round increases FRB’s pace of expansion for its Clean Stock® program, breeding program and intellectual property portfolio. Additionally, with our partnerships at renowned research facilities, such as CRAG and UC Davis, this funding will allow us to expand our breeding program’s focus on developing plants with unique traits.

Front Range Biosciences’ CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Jonathan Vaught, said, “The continued global advancement of cannabis legalization is creating an opportunity for unprecedented growth and innovation in agriculture. The introduction of cannabis to the agricultural market as a new crop with medical, nutritional and industrial applications presents a unique opportunity for us to use modern biotechnology to provide sustainable solutions for farmers around the world.”

Read the full press release.

We’ve received terrific coverage from the media regarding our fundraising announcement. Thank you to our investors, team, customers, and the media for the tremendous support!

Here’s a selection of the coverage:

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