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Front Range Biosciences Expands Distribution Through Coastal Organix & Alterra Hemp Partnerships

January 28, 2020

In a recent press release, Front Range Biosciences announced a continued expansion of distribution partnerships with Coastal Organix and Alterra, which extends FRB's network of hemp distributors, especially in the southeast region and brings a stronger, more diverse 2020 pipeline that includes CBG varieties.

Coastal Organix plays a key role as a hemp resource for farmers in the southeast and Gulf Coast regions of the United States and has served as a field trial partner for FRB. Through the expanded partnership, Coastal Organix will provide farmers with the complete FRB product lineup, including the Abigail variety, a top-performer in the southern region and a part of the SuperFit™ Series. While, Alterra will offer FRB's Proven Performers for farmers coast-to-coast, including PANAKEIA™, the first high-CBG variety with 0.00% THC. Read an excerpt from the press release below:

"We're excited to add Coastal Organix and Alterra to our network of trusted distributors," says Dr. Jonathan Vaught, Co-founder and CEO of Front Range Biosciences. "Through these partnerships, we're able to provide resilient and diverse hemp varieties to support the health of local farms nationwide."

View the full press release here.

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