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Front Range Biosciences' Clean Stock® Program Fights Hop Latent Viroid in Cannabis

May 20, 2021

Front Range Biosciences® ("FRB"), a cannabis and hemp genetics platform company, released today the results of a case study demonstrating the effectiveness of using tissue culture as part of a Clean Stock® program to clean plants infected with Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd), ensuring a stable and consistent supply of healthy, disease-free plants for cannabis cultivation. This year-long effort validates the utility of using tissue culture to effectively clean plants infected with HLVd and mitigate the risk of HLVd infection from spreading, guaranteeing clean, viroid-free plant stock for propagation. HLVd represents the most challenging pathogen to face cannabis farmers yet, already causing tens of millions of dollars in losses annually for cannabis growers. This study demonstrates that a Clean Stock® program leveraging tissue culture can mitigate the risk of costly cannabis crop failure, representing a huge win for the entire industry.

Read the full article here.


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