Farmer Forum hosted by FRB – Webinar 1: Kickstarting the 2021 Hemp Season

February 25, 2021

Enjoy an engaging, forum-style webinar series with FRB agronomists, breeders, and farming partners, where we'll share experiences from across the industry to help you from crop planning to planting and harvesting.

Webinar 1 – Kickstarting the 2021 hemp season

Hemp can be a tricky crop, with very specific needs to be met for a successful harvest. Planning and preparing early with an effective crop and harvest plan will pay dividends in the fall.

Build a strong knowledge base and listen to FRB's team of hemp agronomists and guest speaker Janie Maedler, COO of Rylie’s Sunshine / VP of Rylie’s Smile Foundation, as they discuss key preparations before planting and answer farmer questions. Learn more about the importance of water chemistry, soil condition, and mitigation plans in hemp production, and how to develop crop and harvest plans.

View the full video here.

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