Farmer Forum hosted by FRB – Webinar 2: How to Choose the Right Hemp Varieties for Your Region

March 18, 2021

Enjoy an engaging, forum-style webinar series with FRB agronomists, breeders, and farming partners, where we'll share experiences from across the industry to help you from crop planning to planting and harvesting.

Webinar 2 – How to choose the right hemp varieties for your region

Choosing the right hemp variety for your region is key to success. Flower initiation, flowering and finishing times, climate – all are important to understand when making decisions about the right variety for your region. FRB holds extensive, nationwide field trials across various regions and we're here to share best practices for choosing the best variety for a successful harvest in your region.

In this video we feature guest farmer Dana Rider, CEO of Otherside Farms and Otherside Hemp! Dana and his family live on a farm in North Carolina with a diverse set of environmental variables. He will offer his expertise, along with our team of agronomists, to help you hone in on your 2021 hemp plant decisions.

View the full video here.

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