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Cannabis Breeding Tech Company Launches New Class of Genetics

February 11, 2021

In a recent article by Greenhouse Grower, they reference Front Range Biosciences' announcement of the company's role as one of the first genetics providers to launch a new product line of high THCv plant varieties in California, with availability in Colorado through licensed partners leveraging FRB's technology platform.

This first generation product line is among the highest producers of THCv available, containing more than 20% total cannabinoids, more than 8% THCv, and over 2% grassy and fruity terpenes. These new varieties yield twice the yield of typical THCv producing plants. THCv is rare and has been an elusive minor cannabinoid until now.

"FRB is continually developing new genetics to help growers, brands, and consumers find new applications for cannabis," said Dr. Jonathan Vaught, CEO of Front Range Biosciences. "The cannabis market is evolving quickly, and consumers are constantly looking for new and unique experiences, just like in other CPG industries. We are leveraging genomics driven breeding to rapidly develop new products for cannabis companies and brands, unlocking new product opportunities from the incredible diversity of chemistry this plant produces."

Read the full article here.

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