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Advanced Propagation Leads to Better Cannabis

December 27, 2019

"Through their proprietary Clean Stock® program, Front Range Biosciences breeds disease-free, virus-free, true-to-type plants, allowing farmers to start their grows with the healthiest, highest-quality plant material available," said Cannabis Tech in a recent article discussing FRB. Read an excerpt from the article reviewing the program, as well as upcoming announcements from the company:

"While FRB is now branching out into the growing California coffee industry, its primary focus has always been on the cannabis plant, with a major focus in hemp. Vaught explained, 'The plant is our specialty; it's what we focus on.' Providing hemp farmers with clean clones and feminized seeds, combined with a robust breeding program, FRB is working to both stabilize and revolutionize the plant's genetics.

"FRB’s main priority today is its plant nursery, which relies on propagation through advanced tissue culture technologies. As a high-value crop just emerging into legal sales, '[s]upply for reliable, clean cannabis plants, leveraging tissue culture technology, is still less than 1% of total demand,' as FRB detailed in a recent press release.

"As per Dr. Jonathan Vaught's candid discussion with Cannabis Tech, FRB is planning to make big moves in 2020. First, with one round of funding behind them, they are scheduled to launch into round two in the first few months of the year. Vaught promised announcements on this round in the coming months. FRB is also expected to increase its nursery production by three-fold in 2020.

"Dr. Vaught teased Cannabis Tech with new genetics, new seed stock, and new clones coming next year as well as several joint ventures with other biotech players in the industry. With Europe swiftly joining the hemp and cannabis industries, Dr. Vaught plans to expand FRB's reach into the EU to meet the expected demands on possibly an entirely new market."

Read the full article here.

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