This Agricultural Biotech Company is Helping Cannabis and Hemp Companies Avoid Commoditization

Front Range Biosciences leverages its selective breeding and genetics program in order to provide farmers with the quality and reliability necessary to produce a high-yielding, cannabinoid-rich crop. Although this industry continues to grow, biotech corporations have yet to enter the picture to commoditize cannabis. Read an excerpt from an article by New Cannabis Ventures, which discusses how FRB utilizes its biotech to optimize crop quality in the industry:

“The cannabis and hemp industries have yet to be flooded with biotechnology competition, but a number of companies are making headway. Front Range Biosciences has developed a clean stock program, which it uses to supply young hemp plants and seeds to cultivators, helping them avoid pathogens and compromised genetic profiles. Co-Founder and CEO Jon Vaught, PhD, spoke with New Cannabis Ventures about his company’s experienced team, products, partnerships and focus on sustainability.”

Read the full article on FRB’s biotech applications.

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