Testimonial: Root Structure is Crucial for Planting Hemp Plugs

Struggling with plants that have circling or brittle root systems? Our cannabinoid-rich hemp plugs are great for streamlining your planting operation due to their healthy root structure, which is an essential ingredient for producing a successful crop. In the video below, Solari Hemp shares why planting with FRB plugs is crucial for a smooth planting process:


“Really, having that perfectly shaped root system and the fact that you can just pull it out from the stem and put it in that planter, that makes my life a lot easier.”

– Jake Salazar, Founder / Chief Development Officer of Solari Hemp

“It’s imperative that your plugs are [well-rooted and hold the dirt together]. So, that’s a beautiful plug. Congratulations to [Front Range Biosciences and] Solari—that’s impressive. You need good [Ellepot] plugs for our machine to work. Last year, I went to Alamosa, had a guy [with] a million plants. … I went over there, pulled the plant out, dirt all in the cup, and held the stem in my hand.

Checchi & Magli, tractor manufacturer, demonstrating the quality of FRB’s Ellepot rooted cuttings

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