Reduce Pesticide Use With Tissue Culture Clones

A recent news story from CBS SF Bay Area has shown that medicinal marijuana from the Bay Area has tested positive for the toxic fungicide Myclobutanil. Sold under the name Eagle 20, Myclobutanil is commonly used by marijuana growers to control the spread of fungi that can impact the health of plants in a grow.

While the fungicide is approved for use on crops such as grapes, apples, and spinach, and has been deemed safe for consumption, residual Eagle 20 on marijuana buds can produce hydrogen cyanide when heated, which can lead to death at a high enough concentration.

At Front Range Biosciences, we have tissue culture technology that creates healthy, disease-free clones for marijuana growers. Starting with healthy plants reduces the chances of a pathogen outbreak, leading to reduced pesticide use. Contact us to find out how FRB can help you reduce your pesticide use with disease-free tissue culture clones.

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