Merry Jane profiles FRB’s Clean Stock program

Merry Jane did a full profile of FRB, interviewing Dr. Jonathan Vaught. Journalist Madison Margolin asked some great questions that show more of the details behind FRB’s process and philosophy.

Vaught: We work with both hemp and marijuana farmers, and there are two parts to our business. The first is our clean stock nursery program, where we use tissue culture to clean up [cannabis] genetics and produce baby plants for farmers or growers. Depending on the type of grower, it can be marijuana or hemp; indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, etc. The second part is about varietal development — genomics — a tool to create better plants that we can deliver through the clean stock program. We’ve been operational in Colorado for 16 months, and we’re working on setting up our first facility in California. It’s the first clean stock program in cannabis.


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