Longmont CBD startup Solari launches farm-to-shelf operation

Front Range Biosciences has partnered with Solari Hemp, a Colorado-based CBD startup who launched its company and product line last week. Solari Hemp develops hemp-derived CBD products with hemp the company grows in Longmont and Eaton. Learn about Front Range Biosciences’ relationship with the company in an excerpt from a Daily Camera article:

“Solari’s hemp plant strains were developed through selective breeding by Lafayette-based Front Range Biosciences, an agricultural biotech company. The strains have a high amounts of CBD and almost no or less than legally permissible level of THC (0.3%), Salazar said.

“‘We specialize in tissue culture propagation of high-value crops like hemp at an industrial scale to improve consistency and efficiency for clone production,’ said Dr. Jonathan Vaught, co-founder, and CEO of Front Range Biosciences. His company has developed a ‘clean stock nursery program,’ a quality-control process to make sure hemp plants are disease-free.

“‘We are the only company in the hemp space to do this,’ Dr. Vaught said.

“Scientists at Front Range Biosciences, which has been in business three years, also are working on breeding new varieties of hemp with improved traits, such as drought tolerance, improved yields and disease resistance, he said.

“He is excited to be working with Solari. ‘We see the company as a long-term partner,’ Dr. Vaught said.”

Read the full article on Solari’s company and product launch.

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