Our Team
Jonathan Vaught Ph.D
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Jonathan Vaught is CEO and Founder of Front Range Biosciences®. Previously, he was Director of Assay Development at Velocity Sciences, an IP development company that creates next generation assay technologies for diagnostic applications. He also served as a Senior Product Development Scientist at Beacon Biotechnology, where he led the development of a foodborne pathogen detection platform. Prior to Beacon, Dr. Vaught spent 5 years as a scientist at Somalogic where he helped build and optimize the SOMAscan assay, the world’s largest proteomic based biomarker discovery assay that measures 1000’s of proteins in a single sample. He brings together a diverse background with expertise in organic synthesis, biochemistry, assay development, proteomics, and analytical chemistry. He is an inventor on two patents and an author on 7 publications in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Vaught received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his BS in chemistry from North Carolina State University.
Nick Hofmeister
Chief Financial Officer
Nick Hofmeister is the Founder and CFO of Front Range Biosciences®. Previously, he was the VP of Strategy for Divergent Technologies, which uses 3D metal printing to create light weight, environmentally friendly, flexible complex structures like car chassis. Mr. Hofmeister was a Founder and Director of Operations at Triton Algae Innovations, a biotechnology licensing company, and the Chief of Staff for Sapphire Energy. Prior to Sapphire, Mr. Hofmeister was a management consultant at Bain & Company focused on private equity and a program manager at Microsoft. Mr. Hofmeister has founded 5 technology startups and raised more than $270 million from public and private sources. He has a BS from Northwestern University and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Cecilia Zapata
Vice President of Nursery
Dr. Cecilia Zapata is the Vice President of Nursery for Front Range Biosciences®. Previously, she was the laboratory manager at Ball Horticultural, a world leader in plant development and distribution. At Driscoll's, the world’s leading berry company, she lead the tissue culture laboratory and designed and implemented clean stock programs in China and Mexico. Prior to Driscoll’s, Dr. Zapata worked for Syngenta Flowers, Yoder Brother’s, Gallo Winery, and the University of Florida at The Citrus Research and Education Center. She brings over 30 years of experience in tissue culture, plant transformation, and plant production, creating and implementing programs that align tissue culture and clean stock programs to ensure only the highest quality material is produced. Dr. Zapata received her Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from Texas A&M University and her Agronomist Engineer degree from University of Viçosa in Brazil.
Paul LeBlanc
Greenhouse Manager
Paul has over three decades of experience managing clean stock programs and large-scale nursery production in the ornamental plant industry. Previously he was the Production Planner for Altman’s Plants in Texas where he managed the production of multiple species of plants in several large growing facilities. Prior to Altman Plants, he managed the clean stock program for Yoder Brothers Inc. As the stock manager for large production facilities nationwide he has experience in the rapid buildup of clean stock to produce top quality rooted cuttings and liners that meet or exceed customer’s expectations.
Carolina Sarmiento
Lab Manager
Carolina Sarmiento is the Tissue Culture Production Manager at Front Range Biosciences. Previously, she was the Research and Development Director at Agri-Starts Inc., a large-scale commercial tissue culture nursery in Apopka, FL. She led the edible production laboratory, managed the research and development team, and established new protocols for a clean stock program to ensure elite plant production. She has nearly a decade of experience in management, optimizing media protocols, and improving efficiency and quality of plant production from lab to greenhouse. Prior to Agri-Starts, she participated in a professional program at Living with the Land in Disney World’s Epcot Center, were she administered hydroponic greenhouses and ensured optimal working capabilities of irrigation systems and engineering processes. She received her BS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from the University of Florida.
Scientific Advisory Board
Cristobal Uauy, Ph.D.
Project Leader, John Innes Center.
UC Davis, Ph.D.
Dario Cantu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, UC Davis
UC Davis, Ph.D.
Jason Argyris, Ph.D.
Centre for Research in Ag Genomics
UC Davis, Ph.D.
Todd Jones, Ph.D.
Dir of Ag Research, Dupont Pioneer
UC Davis, Ph.D.;Kellogg MBA
Board of Advisors
Ephraim Lindenbaum
Managing Director, Advance Ventures
Multi-time founder, Board member.
Frank Traylor
Terra Healthcare Labs Founder
Former CEO, VisionTEK.
Lara Sasken
Senior Director of Communications, GoPro
Pepperdine, MBA.
Micah Tapman
Partner, CanopyBoulder
Multiple startup founder.
Michael Dovbish
Exec Director, Nutrition Captial Network
Boston University, MBA.
Andrew Septimus
Private Equity Investor