Premium Series

Superfit AnnaLee™

Great for staggered harvest dates. Very upright, vigorous plant structure.

  • Not recommended for indoor cultivation
  • Early to late planting time, depending on location
  • Mid to late maturity, flower initiation at 13 hrs daylength
  • 24:1 CBD:THC ratio with best management practices
  • Phytocannabinoid-rich oil or smokable flower
  • Fruity, pungent hops smell with earthy undertones
  • Cannabis sativa 'FRB0005' PPAF* AnnaLee™
  • Available as clones in 72 count trays

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New FRB Hemp Genetics:

Our Research & Development program combines cutting-edge technology with traditional selective breeding techniques. FRB strives to pioneer new varieties with traits that provide growers with the opportunity to maximize returns, reduce risks, and achieve their production goals. Learn more about New FRB Hemp Genetics.

NOTE: Performance varies based on growing conditions, soil profile, irrigation method, and climate. Additional varietal descriptions and testing data are available upon request.

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*PPAF = Plant Patent Applied For, and propagation is strictly prohibited unless written permission is given.
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