Hemp Industry Needs Stable Seed Genetics: Is Selective Breeding the Answer?

To meet the market’s demand for hemp seed, Front Range Biosciences focuses on seed genetics to produce a variety of cannabinoid-rich and true-to-type plants. Read an excerpt from a Times of CBD article, which discusses the importance of stable seed genetics:

“The Farm Bill of 2018 made the cultivation, sale, and possession of hemp legal, which has led to a major boom for hemp-based CBD companies. Considering how active the hemp industry has become, having a reliable supply of stable hemp seed genetics is a priority.

“Plant breeders are working to meet the demands of the market, but some breeders believe that the public is at least five years away from successfully developing those genetics, due to the time it takes to breed, trial, and select the new options. The breeders also have to build up the supply needed to keep up with demand.

“Jonathan Vaught, the CEO of Front Range Biosciences in Colorado, discussed the need for unique strains, saying that his company is examining multiple traits in these seeds. Some of the considerations that Vaught voiced included cannabinoids, terpene profits, flowering time, and regional performance.”

Read the full article on seed genetics.

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