Whether you’re an expert at growing hemp or a novice hemp producer, our Clean Stock® hemp plants and feminized seeds will provide hemp growers with consistent, disease-free, high-yielding harvests. By combining the best practices in agriculture with modern science, we reduce risk for growers across the country with greenhouses located in Colorado and Wisconsin.  

Our hemp seed and Clean Stock plants contain less than .3% THC and have cannabinoid traits that consumers most desire.

Hemp Rooted Cuttings and Pre-Finished Plants

FRB offers a premium selection of Clean Stock rooted cuttings and pre-finished plants of best-in-class hemp varieties. To ensure a healthy product, we put all of our cuttings through a Clean Stock process, using tissue culture to facilitate the removal of pathogens. The cuttings are then grown in a sterile environment until they are ready to be introduced to the nursery. When the cuttings are mature enough to be planted, they are tested for viruses and true-to-type genetics before being delivered to growers

Our hemp varieties are field-tested and each come with a COA so growers know exactly what to expect. Clean Stock hemp plants can be purchased in 36 or 72-count Ellepot trays. They are good for indoor or outdoor growing because of their consistent profiles and clean output, they are often used for smokeable flower and high-cbd oil extraction.

Some of our varieties include:

  • Early Pearly
  • Cherry 2.0
  • Hybrid #9
  • #5


Our in-house genomics-driven breeding program, partnerships with industry leading breeders, and collaborations with world-renowned agricultural research institutions like U.C. Davis and CRAG/IRTA in Spain are the foundation for the creation of novel traits that growers care about most.

We hybridize and test for modern hemp plants and seed that will result in high yields and optimal results. Genetics are tested in the lab to ensure reliable results and predictable performance.

FRB’s breeding and product development program operates in Colorado in a state-of-the-art facility using modern technology for data-tracking, testing, and sorting.  Our company has a strict non-GMO policy and pride ourselves on using GMP (good manufacturing practices) in all of our facilities.

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