Growers’ Top Questions Answered at NCIA Cannabis Business Summit

Our CEO and founder Dr. Jonathan Vaught spoke at NCIA alongside Courtney Maltais of The Clear and moderator Rich Cardinal of the Next Big Crop about tissue culture in cannabis.

With a full house and attentive audience, Dr. Vaught and Ms. Maltais spent the hour discussing preemptive actions to reduce disease, pesticide use and crop loss. The panel discussed how  cultivators can leverage tissue culture it for various purposes, including efficiency, cutting down on space and labor, and allowing for short and long-term storage of varietals, which is critical for preserving genetics in a stable and secure environment.

Here were some of the top questions asked by the audience to Dr. Vaught:

How long would it take for me to receive rooted cuttings after I give you my plant material?
We generally say six to nine months from when we receive your genetics, however this can vary depending on any unpredicted pathogens or issues.

How much does each rooted cutting cost?
This also depends on what we are growing, volume and timelines. We start giving price breaks  based on volume and deposit date. It’s best to schedule time with us directly to talk about your needs and come up with a pricing plan that works for all parties.

What viruses do you test for?
We test for eight viruses for marijuana and hemp. Please inquire for specific information on testing.

What are the risks of not using tissue culture?
Like many crops before cannabis, as new crops are scaled industrially, the risk of disease outbreak increases exponentially with many viruses going undetected viral outbreaks can destroy a crop and lead to regulatory changes. Many crops including cassava, potato, sugarcane, and blueberries have suffered catastrophic outbreaks.

Can you produce and store my genetics?
Yes, we can take your genetics and store them for you and produce them based on your schedule. We can keep your information proprietary for your use only or we can include them as part of our offerings, it’s your choice.

How do you think tissue culture will affect the future of cannabis?
I think we are going to see interesting things come out of this plant because it offers so many benefits to so many people. In order to scale the crop in mass and meet customer quality demands, it is critical to create healthy supply chains using proven practices in biotechnology and agriculture like tissue culture. We have the opportunity to learn from early-stage crops before us and those who have used technology to solve their needs.

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