Growers, researchers say Nebraska needs to step slowly into hemp market

We have provided an excerpt from an article by the Beatrice Daily Sun, which discusses Nebraska’s burgeoning hemp industry and the importance of utilizing strong seeds and varieties for growers:

“By Saturday, Wiles and other volunteers were planting 288 plants purchased from Front Range Biosciences in the Midwest Hop Producers‘ Plattsmouth greenhouse. They set 72 plants in each of four varieties in 3-gallon pots.

“The plants cost $5 apiece.

“‘We were very lucky, because the company we bought them from has a minimum of 5,000 plants,’ said the owner of Midwest Hop Producers.

“But she was able to assure the Colorado company it would be one of the first to come into the state with clean plants, and Wiles would share her business’ research with the company. Front Range agreed to sell the smaller amount, and has been supportive, Wiles said.

“The varieties they chose from Front Range were Hybrid #9, described as a ‘fan favorite’; Cherry 2.0, based on a ‘connoisseur hemp’; Hemp Cultivar #5, also a Front Range favorite; and Early Pearly, the biosciences company’s ‘terpiest’.”

You can read the full article here.

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