Testimonial: FRB Among Alabama’s First Hemp Suppliers in Over 80 Years!

With the recent passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, more and more states are exploring industrial hemp production. This federal legalization of the crop has inspired state officials, including those in Colorado, to develop their own hemp farming regulations. As a result, farmers around the country are searching for high-quality plants and seeds. This emerging industry is beginning to blossom due to farmers’ passion for such an amazing crop. Last month, the Front Range Biosciences team traveled to Alabama to ensure our delivery of high-CBD hemp plants arrived safely to our farmers. With this shipment, we became one of Alabama’s first hemp suppliers in over 80 years! Listen to our farmers’ experience with receiving our plants in Alabama:

“It was super cool man. Everybody around here was really excited, all the farmers that met here to grab their plants. [The plants were] super strong, healthy, straight-up, vertical. It’s almost like you could pour a 5-gallon bucket on them, and they’d still stand tall. Really good stuff, top quality for sure.”

– John MacArthur, Fairhope Hemp

“I noticed a lot of vegetation on them. There’s a lot of good growth on these plants — they’re ready to go. They just look like they’re ready to jump in the soil and do their thing.”

– Michael Bankston, Owner/Operator of Coastal Alabama Organix

Additional Information:
  • Read about Alabama’s first legal hemp crop this century.
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