Cheddar Interview: FDA Public Hearing on Cannabis

On Friday, May 31, Dr. Jonathan Vaught, CEO and Founder of Front Range Biosciences, presented at the FDA public hearing on Scientific Data and Information about Products Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-Derived Compounds. His testimony at the FDA public hearing on cannabis focused on the current data backing the safety of cannabinoid products, positive agricultural impacts, and the segments of the U.S. economy that would thrive with the commercialization of cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds.

This exposure from speaking on behalf of the cannabis industry has increased our media attention. As a result, Cheddar interviewed Dr. Vaught on his insights discussing the hearing and constructive steps for moving forward. Watch his interview with Cheddar regarding the hearing here.

To learn more about Dr. Vaught’s testimony to the FDA, watch the video of his recording here.

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