Cannabis Researchers and Scientists Gather for CannMed

CannMed brought together the greatest minds in cannabis for informational sessions on advancements made in science within the growing industry.

Cannabis is becoming the world’s next commodity crop, and we were thrilled to be part of an event that celebrates the plant and all its uses. We attended the VIP dinner to kick off the conference where we networked with other experts in science and medicine as it relates. 

In addition, our CEO Dr. Jon Vaught presented on Tissue Culture and Cannabis at CannMed. In his talk, he spoke about FRB’s over 100 years of collective knowledge on plant breeding, commercial agricultural, and varietal development. Whether it is for food, or recreational or medicinal purposes, consumers of cannabis are demanding clean labels on their products. This trend has been taking place for a decade and as people become more aware of it, the demand for clean products will increase.

Our Clean Stock® program helps farmers grow virus-free, pesticide-free crops, that ultimately mitigate the risk of catastrophic crop loss. He discusses the benefits and considerations of the production program in the below video, along with how the program works and other quality systems.

Dr. Jon Vaught also participated in the Innovations in Cultivation panel with industry leaders from OregonCBD, NaPro Research, OutCo Labs, and more. With the Farm Bill passed and medical cannabis approved in 33 states (and counting), there is an ever-growing need and responsibility for cultivators to produce clean crops for consumers, and ultimately providing a better life for those dependent on medicinal cannabis.

We look forward to this year’s event and for the future scientific breakthroughs in cannabis. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be kept up-to-date on all the latest news about our team, facilities, and Clean Stock® program.

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