Clean Stock™ Tissue Culture Laboratory
built in your facility
We design and install a customized Clean Stock™ tissue culture production system in your cultivation facility. We work directly with your architects and contractors to ensure proper facility design. We then tailor capital equipment needs and workflow to maximize your Clean Stock™ clone production levels in a very small space. We send a field technician to set up and run your tissue culture production system. We build customized workflows and tissue culture protocols specific to the varietals and cultivation methods used in your facility. We can also set up long and short term storage of your varietals on site which will allow you to drastically reduce the cultivation space dedicated to mothers, making it possible to increase production levels and efficiency for your facility. We also provide off-site secure storage as insurance for your valued genetics.

Image module

Image module
Less space, less labor, more room and time to produce the best crops.
Quality control for repeatable, scalable crop production.
Less disease means fewer pesticides.