Tissue Culture Lab
built in your facility
Our turn-key tissue culture clone production, installed in your facility, run by our technicians, delivering limitless disease-free Clean Stock clones.
Tissue Culture Clone Nursery
delivered clones
Disease-free wholesale Clean Stock clones of your favorite varietals, delivered to match your production schedule.
Genomics & Breeding
new varietals, high value traits
The best agricultural science to produce new varietals: disease resistance, higher yields, better agronomic traits, lower use of pesticides.
The Team

Meet the people behind Front Range Biosciences

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FRB brings the best of modern agriculture to high value crops to improve reliability, efficiency, and safety for cultivators and consumers. Scientific tools such as tissue culture and marker assisted breeding have revolutionized agriculture.

We are a triple bottom line company that values people and the planet. We believe in quality control, integrity, and innovation. We value stewardship of our lands, crops, and natural resources.

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